Handcrafted Titanium Gongs

Experience the transformative power of custom healing gongs hand made from pure titanium.

Intention by Design

Sonic Harmony

Immerse yourself in the harmonious vibrations of our unique healing gongs, meticulously crafted to promote relaxation and well-being. Each bespoke gong is created with your intentions in mind and heart.

Moving Resonance

Explore the enchanting soundscape created by our healing gongs, harmonizing mind, body, and spirit for a deeper sense of peace.

Elevate Your Experience

Indulge in the celestial tones of our sound baths, designed to elevate your relaxation an meditation experience.

Transformative Vibrations

Discover the transformative power of titanium sound with our healing gongs, expertly crafred to facilitate healing and energy balancing.

Titanium is twice as strong as steel, less than half the weight and the 3rd most abundant element on the planet, yet wasn't identified until a century ago. Used in space exploration It has an extraordinary other worldly tone and sustain due to its hexagonal crystalline structure which echoes that of water and quartz.

About OmegaO

OmegaO is the culmination of Orlando's passion for metal smithing and sound energy healing. With over three decades of experience, he creates bespoke healing gongs using titanium, a new age material with extraordinary sonic and visual properties. Orlando provides regular sound baths with Naomi Davies and has performed at Lattitude and Glastonbury festivals.