With over three decades of experience as a metal smith and sound energy practitioner, my background is a fusion of creativity and healing arts. I specialize in creating bespoke healing gongs in Titanium, a revolutionary material with exceptional sonic and visual properties.

My Background


Experience and Expertise

30 Years

Creative Journey


Sound Energy Practitioner


Recent Projects


Wooden Dragon New Moon Gong

This gong was started on the crescent moon signifying the start of the Chinese new year - A most auspicious occasion!

Special Creations

Explore the special creations that have set my healing gongs apart. From intricate designs to innovative use of materials, each creation is a reflection of my dedication to pushing the boundaries of sound healing. All knowledge is the result of theoretical study and practical trial and error. Knowledge of forging titanium is not widely known

Collaborative Works

Collaborating with fellow artists and healers is an essential part of my creative process. Discover the collaborative works that have resulted in one-of-a-kind healing gongs that harmonize sound and visual aesthetics.